Consulting on both new and used bicycle purchases as well as accessories. Frames, Equipment, Inflation Devices, Suspension, Food Storage, Hydration, and Nutrition.

As an athlete, you are well aware of all of the product choices and variations that are available. There are so many brands and equipment options, and a steady stream of new innovations. This can seem overwhelming and makes well-informed decisions difficult.

Do you know or have you ever been asked the following…

If you were to race tomorrow what would be your strength? Your weakness?

The answer to this question could greatly impact the proper frame and gear choice.

Bike Frames

There are big differences in brand's bike frame geometry - which company’s geometry best plays to your strength as an athlete?

For Triathletes - how will the bike’s seat angle effect your run?

Carbon bike with low-end parts vs. Aluminum bike with high-end parts?

For Mountain bikers - hardtail or full suspension?

What is suspension sag and how do you set it?

Which full suspension platform kinematic is best for your pedaling style;

Single Pivot, Virtual Pivot, DW-Link, Split Pivot, 4 bar? 


What are the differences/benefits between SHIMANO and SRAM?

Does the price increase justify the differences between the SHIMANO component groups? 

Electronic vs. Mechanical shifting - which will offer you the most benefit?


Which aero bar material is best for you? And which company’s ergonomic aero bend is most efficient for you?

Which food storage system is best for you and your bike?

Which hydration method and system is the most effective for you while riding? 


Which brands are easiest on your stomach and why?

Solids or Gels?

Maltodextrin as your Carbohydrate or no?

Caffeine or No Caffeine?


Which race wheels (brand and rim depth) will best suit your selected races this year?

Which tires (compound and width) are ideal for your next big event?

What is the most effective way to use your training wheels this season?

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