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To Educate and Empower Cyclists

I am incredibly passionate about both the Empowerment and the Education of Cyclists.

I improve my Customers' ride experiences to make them more comfortable on the bike - as well as elevate their product knowledge.


  • You have never been fit to your bicycle or Peloton Stationary Bike

  • You experience low back pain during or after riding

  • You experience discomfort in your soft tissue while in the saddle

  • You have knee pain to the inside or outside of the patella tendon

  • You experience hot spots or numbness in your feet

  • You are not able to breathe expansively

  • Your line of sight is limited

  • You have an important event (new bike, upcoming competition, change in physicality)

  • It has been more than 12 months since your last professional fit

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My Bicycle Fitting Methodology

I start by establishing a relationship with the Rider learning his/her short and long -term ambitions.


My fit method is simple and effective. Whether we are looking to solve discomfort or add power, I identify the root source. The harmony between the Rider and their bike is the primary focus. 


There is a science and a natural feel to fitting. Individually the adjustments may seem small but collectively they make a meaningful difference. What I love about fitting is that the results can be felt right away. Its instantaneous. It is very rewarding to me to see my Customers do more (watts) with less (effort).


I have an intuitive understanding of human dynamics and how the body relates to a bicycle. 


  • foot and cleat relationship 

  • sitting bones contact points

  • dynamic arm and leg movement

  • pelvic tilt

  • line of sight


The Rider should feel as if they are IN the bike, not ON the bike. This sensation provides quicker inputs/outputs leading to more efficiency which improves Rider performance. Fitting happens in small steps, but it is no small thing.


I am a competitive cyclist - experienced in multiple cycling disciplines. Road, Mountain, Cross, Downhill, and Gravel. I have a unique insight and cross-functional fit knowledge of multiple riding positions. 

Tailwind Athlete Highlight: Lj Miller


Lj Miller has always been driven by sports. A true competitor, his athletic endeavors began in soccer as a Teams USA athlete. He injured his knee while playing soccer in college and found himself rehabbing his knee on a bicycle in PT. This is when his passion for cycling first began. He started riding...